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Welcome! Select an office pool from the left menu to follow all the scenarios or see the results. Start your own office pool by clicking the link for a new sheet. Put in all your office pool member's football picks and get a link you can send for them to follow along. You can also print your office pool sheets and scenario charts with printer-friendly views if you prefer. Have everybody come here to make their picks and they can send a code that can be used for quick and accurate input. Completely FREE! Enjoy the football!
Upgrade Your Pool

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Featured on Front Page
This feature provides another easy way for participants in your pool to get your sheet. Your pool will be listed in the drop down list on the front page of armchairgames.com. Tell participants they can simply go to armchairgames.com and select your pool from this list. (FREE)
Customized Logo
Provide a customized logo, or have us create one for you that will replace all armchairgames logo's on your sheet. ($5.00 per season)
Twitter Feed
If you have a twitter account you can have it linked to your custom site for posting the latest updates. If you do not have an account, or want to setup a new one just for your pool, we can help. The twitter feed can be a great way to post updates to participants in your pool, or to provide links to relevant information. ($5.00 per season)
Custom HTML
Provide us with HTML and tell us where you would like it placed on the sheet. You can also use this option to change color schemes or to slightly change the behavior of your sheet, such as hiding Thursday night games. ($5.00 per season)
Group E-mail
This is another great way to keep in touch with your participants. A group e-mail will give you and your participants an e-mail address that messages can be sent to for distribution to all in the pool. The e-mail address will be in the format of "yourpool@armchairgames.com". ($5.00 per season)
Text / E-mail Alerts
Get text or e-mail alerts sent to members of your pool. When games go final be alerted to the latest leaderboard. When the sheet is updated for the week alert your pool members. ($5.00 per season)
E-mailed Scenario Charts
Have scenario charts e-mailed out to members of your pool before the games begin each week. This will let them know what they need to happen to win the pool that week. ($5.00 per season)
Automatic Updates of Picks
When members of your pool do their picks for the week have it update the sheet automatically. This will make it so you don't have to browse to the sheet, enter their code, and save the sheet each time a new code is provided to you. ($10.00 per season)
A sub-domain gives your pool an easy to remember URL that participants can browse to each week. This URL will be in the format of "yourpool.armchairgames.com". ($5.00 per season)
Get a domain name that participants can browse to in order to see the sheets and make their picks. The domain will be in the format of "www.yourpool.com". ($5.00 per season + domain registration if needed)
No Ads
Remove all advertisements from your sheet. With the gained space on your sheet consider the custom HTML or twitter feed options. ($5.00 per season)
Make a Request
If none of the options above seem to fit the type of upgrade you are looking for please contact us and we will see what we can do.
After all the picks are in for your office pool, run scenario charts like the following that give a precise look at what teams need a win for you to claim victory! Have your charts e-mailed weekly for a small fee or run them yourself for free.

Scenario Chart
When the regular season ends the action continues with the NFL playoff bracket. Each participant can select how they see the NFL playoffs unfolding and be rewarded varying points from the wild card round through the Super Bowl for teams that advance. Points for each round can be customized. A great way to keep your football office pool going all season long!

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